History of Edinburgh

The History of Edinburgh

The history of Edinburgh is very much entwined with the history of all Scotland, and it would take a full book on its own to recount it in any detail. However, to give you a flavour of the events which have shaped the city known both as the Athens of the North and Auld Reekie, we’ve put together a timeline with some of the events which have shaped the city and made it what it is today.

This is not, of course, intended as a history lesson, it is simply an attempt to give you a brief account of all of the most important events and personalities in the history of Scotland which have particularly affected Edinburgh. We hope this will whet your appetite to delve deeper into a fascinating history and the development of a unique nation.

Museum of Scotland

Learn much more about the history of Edinburgh at the Museum of Scotland!

This beautifully designed building presents the history of the Scottish nation and people through our rich national collections. Over 10,000 of our most precious artefacts are kept here, from Scotland’s geological beginnings to the present day. There are many themed galleries, with various events and tours happening throughout the day. A new special exhibition space also opens in July 2005. The museum is free to enter, has an amazing restaurant, shop, Disabled access, free sound guides, cloakroom, free guided tours.

Museum of Edinburgh

Set in a building which grew between the 16th and 18th centuries, and which at one point was home to some 250 people, the Museum of Edinburgh houses many important artefacts of local history and culture, like the original National Covenant, signed in 1638. There are also James Craig’s plans for the New Town, collections of Edinburgh glass and silver, Scottish pottery and other important objects and images, not the least of which being Greyfriars Bobby’s collar and bowl! There are also some temporary exhibitions throughout the year.