Travelling Around Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s latest transport addition – the tram line

In 2014, commuters never thought of using the tram as it was unknown territory for them. However, Edinburgh’s tram system is now vastly popular among tourists and residents.

The service runs from the airport to the city centre’s most popular stop – York Place. Other desirable stops on the way include Edinburgh Park, Murrayfields; where a stadium is location, Haymarket, and Princes Street which is near the national gallery. Plan your journey.

You can purchase a single ticket for £1.50 or a day ticket for only £4.00 – a much more sensible choice if you’re a tourist in Edinburgh for a few days. If you’re travelling to the airport then it is £5 for a single ticket or £9 for a day ticket. Buy your tickets.

Be sure to purchase your tickets before boarding as you can face a fee of £10, and the inspectors on Edinburgh’s tram systems visit frequent – don’t get caught out.

Edinburgh’s buses

The much advanced Edinburgh transport system will not only make it easier to travel around the city, but it can help your business/company brand travel around the city too. Out of home advertising can help to give your business awareness in populated urban areas.

Typically, OOH advertising consists of bus and rail adverts. For bus advertisements, Exterion Media offer T-Sides, Rears, Supersides, Streetliners, Mega rears and inside locations. They offer their services all over the UK, including Scotland’s biggest cities, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. Find out more.

Bus operators in Edinburgh:

  • First Edinburgh
  • Lothian Buses
  • Bustracker
  • Airlink Bus
  • National Express
  • Scottish Citylink
  • Stagecoah
  • Traveline Scotland

Using the bus network to reach the airport

The Airlink 100 is a 24hr service to take you to and from the busy airport. As it is an express bus it stops at the city centre and the airport only. Tickets are available to purchase at an Airlink kiosk located at the airport, online or from Airlink drivers themselves. See: 100 Service.

Airlink stops at one of the busiest stations in Edinburgh, Waverley Bridge. From here the journey approx takes 30 minutes to reach the airport, where you can continue your travels. If you miss the bus, there is only a 10 minute wait as these buses are frequent. Contact us to find out more about Edinburgh.