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Only 8.5% of Scotland’s population has health insurance that can cover rehab

How does health insurance help?

People may rely on private health insurance when getting help for their addiction at a drug rehab facility.

When people think of a rehab centre, they may think it only admits patients that can afford to pay the entire cost up-front.

While that may be the case with some rehab centres – that is not always the case with most rehab centres across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Providing an alternative payment for drug rehab centres

Health insurance helps patients who need help for their addiction and cannot pay for the cost of treatment immediately.

Around 8.5% of the Scottish population has private health insurance, and 11% of the UK population has private health insurance.

Despite the rise in drug- deaths related to Scotland and a continuous problem with drugs in Scotland, people may still be hesitant to get help.

One of the main reasons people choose not to get help is because of a lack of finances.

When deciding on a drug rehab centre in Edinburgh, or the rest of the UK, you shouldn’t worry about finances. Your main focus should be getting help.

Health insurance can help anyone access help at a drug rehab centre – regardless of their income.

Helping those who do not know how to access rehab

The procedure of attending rehab requires a lot of time and energy from the patient.

Admitting you need professional help for drug addiction can feel very draining, and they may not have the physical energy to do it.

Health insurance providers do all the hard work relating to finance and any remaining forms that need to be filled in.

Please note: not all health insurance plans include attending a drug rehab facility – so be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Main health providers for rehab facilities

There are different types of health insurance providers that can cover the cost of a stay at drug rehab.

The main providers of health insurance across the UK include:

There are also other different health insurance providers across Scotland and the rest of the UK.


For people who urgently need help for drug addiction and may be unable to access it without health insurance, there are ways for you to get help.

Just because you may not have any health insurance or alternative funding for rehab, there is no reason why you are not entitled to help.