What To Check Before Booking A Stay in Edinburgh

Booking accommodation in the shape of a holiday home is a popular way to accommodate your party. Due to its wide array of scenery and proximity to the UK, Edinburgh is one of the most popular destinations during the warm season.

If you are about to book your Edinburgh property, here is what you should check just before confirming:


There are two types of insurance that you should get – the first type is medical private insurance for you and for your party.

Personal insurance will never be included in the property’s price as it is based on your circumstances.

The second type is similar to accidental insurance to cover any case of damage to the property. It may be included in the pack; however, you should check and make provisions for the cost in case you have to add it on top. Accidental insurance is recommended in particular if you are taking children along with you.


Next to the property listing, you will often find a map with the area’s location. If you intend to move about and explore the region, you should check the status of the public transportation system, as in some rural locations, it might be too scattered and hiring a car might make more sense.

See how you can get around Edinburgh, here.

Furthermore, you should check how you plan to arrive at the property, as most packages will not include transit to the property. Either book your transit at the ordering stage or make a suitable arrangement using a local service before you arrive.


We recommend rental websites such as Airbnb – which provide an array of properties for your ideal getaway.

There are plenty of properties to choose from, some suitable for couples and some for larger parties. Ensure that the property matches the intended number of people and that you do not exceed the permitted number of residents.

Frequent travellers who use Airbnb seek properties that are maintained by an Airbnb Management service Edinburgh. More.

If you intend to bring a pet (popular with holidaymakers arriving by car), you must check with the property owner before as most homes will not allow it.


The level of spec and equipment between self-catering holiday properties will vary immensely, and you should make a note of items that are important to you vs what is available at the property.

Examples may include satellite TV, Wi-Fi, Game Station, air conditioning, etc.

The available equipment might influence your choice, or you may bring it with you. For example, a game station to entertain the kids (and adults…) is very easy to carry. Others might be harder to bring, so make a list to avoid disappointment.