What’s Going On in Edinburgh?

This site covers every aspect of Edinburgh life, for visitors, people new to the city and residents alike. Want to know where to eat, drink, dance or party? It’s all in here. We’re confident we have absolutely the best independent guide to Edinburgh, so please use it to make sure you enjoy your time in our city as much as possible. If you’re new, welcome; if you’re not, welcome back!

If you’re a visitor to our fair city, it’s a safe bet you’re going to want to have a look around, so I’m not going to have to sell you on the museums, historic buildings, kirks, monuments and attractions that are littered throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians. However, if you’re a local, I am going to tell you that, as someone who used to take for granted all of the above and assume it was just for the visitors, that you should think again and make an effort to visit these places. Many of them are spectacular and very worth spending a day, an afternoon or even a lunchtime exploring. You won’t regret it.

Scots know how to party!

If we could bottle it and export it, we’d have Japan’s economy and Saudi Arabia’s billionaires. So it can’t be too much of a surprise that our capital city is home to perhaps the greatest array of festivals in the world. We do Christmas, New Year, a couple in the Spring and then…August. That’s when the world comes to join our party for a month, and often, so does the sun! And hell, that’s only the major ones – smaller festivals are happening all the time – you can hardly turn a corner but somebody is throwing a bash – so if you don’t have fun in Edinburgh – don’t blame us!